Custom Header & Footer Script Inserter

Custom Header & Footer Script Inserter

Easily insert custom scripts in your storefront's header or footer for enhanced functionality.

The custom script inserter plugin allows you to insert custom scripts in the 'Header' and 'Footer' sections of your Dukaan storefront. 

The plugin gives you the ability to easily add your custom code snippets to your Dukaan storefront directly. 

Key Features:

  • Easy customization
  • Add unlimited number of snippets
  • Choose where you wish to insert the code snippets
  • Compatible with all Dukaan themes

Note: The custom scripts plugin will only work if you have a custom domain.

Installation guide

Here is how you can start using your the Custom Script Inserter plugin:

  • Click on install plugin
  • Upon installing the plugin, click on the plugin settings
  • Click on Add Script
  • Upon clicking Add Script, enter the name of the script, and the position of the script.
  • Click on Save.

Your custom script has been inserted and will now be visible.


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