Seamlessly integrate with multiple apps and automate workflows for enhanced efficiency.

The webhook plugin allows you to trigger webhooks on various events so you can integrate with you favorite apps.

Key Features:

  • Trigger webhooks on selected events.
  • Create multiple webhooks.
  • Connect with Zapier, Pabbly etc for further operations on webhooks.

Installation guide

  • Click on install plugin
  • Click on create webhook
  • Select an event for which you want to create a webhook
  • Add callback URL where webhook should send the data
  • Preview sample webhook data
  • Click on save to create the webhook & get webhook URL

Note: The test webhook functionality sends the data of your last order received. Thus, if no order exists on your store, the test webhook functionality will not work as expected.


Is this plugin free to use?
When will webhook be triggered?
Can I define data being sent in the webhook?
How many webhooks can i create?
What happens when i delete a webhook?

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