Effortlessly integrate and activate your data for better decision-making.

DataChannel is a completely self-serve no-code SaaS platform used for Data Aggregation, Analytics, and Visualization. 

It can be used to quickly aggregate and move all the companies data from any source be it a cloud-based SaaS application or an On-premise database to a Data warehouse of your choice. 

You can then use the platform to transform and prepare the data for use by downstream BI or analytics tools/processes. 

All this without writing a single line of code or requiring any technical skill or expertise.


Installation guide

Here's how you can start using the plugin:

  1. Create a mapping for the events in JSON format
  2. Paste this in plugin settings page and save the changes
  3. Get in touch with our team for the sample JSON template for defining your events and datachannel endpoints/webhooks


How does the free trial work?
What is DataChannel managed data warehouse?
Can I ask for help setting up DataChannel even if I'm on the Free plan?

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