Engage customers with a gamified engagement platform to enhance user experience and loyalty.

CustomerGlu is a plug-and-play gamified customer engagement and retention platform. It enables brands to create interactive user journeys viz streaks, challenges, quizzes, and more - without a developer. Delivering faster time to market + uplift in revenue.

How do we do it?

1. Customer delight - Our customer is the center of everything that we do.

2. Curiosity - We always start with why, we aren’t afraid to question the status quo.

3. Continuous learning - We use our learnings to innovate & continuously improve what we do.

We’ve signed up 50+ companies on the wait list in the last 30 days. If you’re looking for strategies to amp up metrics via Gamification.

Installation guide

To install this plugin on your storefront:-

  • Copy the API key from CustomerGlu dashboard
  • Paste this key in the Dukaan plugin's settings page


What's the SDK size?
What’s the effort to integrate?
Does it work only for mobile apps? Any support for desktop?

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