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For new businesses and influencers



Billed yearly ₹5,999

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    Everything you get in Silver:
  • 2.99% Transaction Fee on Dukaan Pay
  • Android + iOS Partner App
  • Additional Pages
  • Dukaan Credits
  • Dukaan Delivery
  • Dukaan Marketing
  • Discount Coupons


For agencies, D2C brands, and growing businesses



Billed yearly ₹11,999

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    Everything in Silver, plus:
  • 1.49% Transaction Fee on Dukaan Pay
  • 0% Additional Fee on other Payment Providers
  • Web Partner App
  • Store APK File
  • Premium Themes
  • Custom Domain
  • Store Analytics
  • COD RTO Optimizer


For growing businesses with a comprehensive set of features



Billed yearly ₹39,999

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    Everything in Gold, plus:
  • 0.99% Transaction Fee on Dukaan Pay
  • Store AAB File
  • Free Whitelabeled WhatsApp Subscription
  • Free Abandoned Cart Automation Messages
  • Account Advisor
  • 10 Multi-Warehouse Support

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Dukaan Enterprise

The Dukaan enterprise plan helps you scale your business with advanced features and more flexible controls.

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What type of businesses can use Dukaan?
What payment providers are available?
Do I need to enter my payment details to sign up?
What delivery partner integrations do you offer?
What is Dukaan’s plugin marketplace?
What is Dukaan Marketing?
Can I use a custom domain name for my site?
Can I link my existing domain name to dukaan?
Can I customize the design of my eCommerce store?
What is a store APK and do I get one?
What is the store AAB file?
What are Dukaan credits?
Do you provide a Whitelabel subscription for WhatsApp?
Can I give access to my staff on Dukaan?
What is RTO optimiser?
What is multi-warehouse support?
Can I upgrade my plan later on?
Will there be an auto-debit after the subscription ends?

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