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Want to sell food online? Think no further, start your own online store for food with Dukaan.

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Sell food online

Sell food online with Dukaan

Add food variants

Dukaan allows you to include as many add-ons and variants, and set the delivery fees for each product.

Manage your inventory

Having trouble tracking your stock? Monitor and manage your inventory at the click of a button with Dukaan.

Customer database at your fingertips

Dukaan allows you to keep track of all your customers in one place and look them up any time you want.

POS Integration to make things easier

Apart from the other features, Dukaan also offers POS integration which can help you make business activities easier.

No Commissions

You do not have to pay commissions, transactional fees, or any other hidden charges on any of your transactions.

Deliveries are not a problem

You don’t have to worry about delivering your food. With Dunzo and Shiprocket on our side, we’ll take care of it for you.

Howcan I sell food online?

Selling food online is a growing business. If you want to sell your food online, all you have to do is start an online store with Dukaan.

List your products, set up delivery fees, add variants, set up your payments, install the Dunzo and Shiprocket integrations, and share your store link with your customers. Then, start selling your food online.

Whyshould you choose Dukaan?

If you want to sell food online, you will have to set up and run your own eCommerce website. This will cost you a lot of time and money. It is also difficult to use and manage.

Dukaan solves these issues. You can set up your own store in less than a minute. You do not need any technical experience to run and manage your store.

Howto start your online store with Dukaan?

To start an online store with Dukaan, all you have to do is download and install Dukaan. Then create a store and list your products with their respective details.

Set up your payment options in the Manage → Online Payments section.

Then, share your store link with your customers and start selling food online.

Sell food online


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