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Shrimp Growth Promoter I Probiotics Proteins Vitamins Spirulina I Aquaculture Food Supplement

Shrimp Growth Promoter I Probiotics Proteins Vitamins Spirulina I Aquaculture Food Supplement

Size: 500 gram

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  • ALL 5 IN 1:: It has all the nutrients required for shrimp vannamei farming. It has a field-tested combination of LACTOBACILLUS and SACCHAROMYCES which is the most effective in the Indian context both in farm and biofloc. It has oligosaccharides and polynucleotides to supplement the protein requirement for the shrimp vannamei. It also has Vitamin C and spirulina.
  • SIMPLE AND EASY INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPTIMAL USE: Multilingual instructions manual for clear user instruction about its uses, method of preparation, and dispersion for the optimal benefit of its use.
  • OPTIMAL STRENGTH OF FIVE INGREDIENTS FOR BEST RESULTS: It has the probiotic strength of 1.5 AND 2 billion CFU/gm of both LACTOBACILLUS and SACCHAROMYCES respectively, along with 20%w/w oligosaccharides and polynucleotides and 3%w/w Vitamin C
  • HIGH STANDARDS OF MANUFACTURING: Manufactured under conditions following national standards without the use of Antibiotics or Hormones.
  • INCREASES SHRIMP PRODUCTION: Probiotics along with oligosaccharides and polynucleotides and Vitamin C Increases feed conversion ratio (FCR). It is the ratio or rate measuring the total used feed and the total weight of shrimp vannamei harvested per unit area in farm and biofloc. It can also be safely used for fish and crabs farming.

Dosage :10 gm/kg feed


1. To Increase Average Daily Shrimp Weight Gain.

2. To Reduce Cost Of Feeding per unit shrimp weight gain

3. To Increase absorption of nutrients and minerals by increasing dissolved Oxygen

4. To Increase shrimp survival

How to use it?

Step 1: Mix 10 grams Of Shrimp Growth Promoters with 1 Kg of available shrimp Feed using Protein Binder ( 1 % w/w ).

Step 2: Dry the Mixture for 30 Minutes.

Step 3; Broadcast dried mixture twice Daily ( Two Meals ).

Ideal Environment for the best result Shrimp Growth Promoters

  • The Diurnal Cycle Was 15 Hours Light/9 Hours Dark,
  • Water Quality Parameters Were Maintained As Follows:
  • Salinity 30.61 G L−1;
  • Temperature 28±1°c;
  • Dissolved Oxygen 5.9±0.3 Mg L−1;
  • Ammonia-Nitrogen 0.06±0.01 Mg L−1.
  • Ensure Aeration of water.
  • Prevent white fecal disease
  • Assessment of shrimp weight after 2 weeks of regular use.

Aquaculture use only. Not for human use. Not for medicinal use


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