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Mc Pherson Suture Tying Curved Ophthalmic Forcep

Mc Pherson Suture Tying Curved Ophthalmic Forcep

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Scientific Indian Curved Suture tying Forceps is a surgical instrument used during various types of Microscopic surgeries like Phaco-emulsification, corneal transplant retina, plastic, cosmetic, vascular dermatology surgeries. Scientific Indian Suture tying Forceps are specially designed to provide the surgeon slip-proof grip of fine suture like 10-0 during any surgical procedure. Its Amphi-dextrous design allows easy switching of the forceps between two hands as per the requirement. It ensures easy and smooth tying and holding of suture without risk of cutting, entangling, or knotting of the suture during the procedure. The anti-slip design of the body facilitates a strong grip of forceps even with the moist gloved hands.

ANTI SLIP DESIGN:- Intelligently placed holes on the Scientific Indian Suture tying Forceps provide you a perfect grip even when the gloves are on and moist during the surgery. Scientific Indian Suture tying Forceps Blades are designed to hold even the finest 10-0 sutures during surgery. It prevents the breaking or entangling of sutures during tying.

AMBIDEXTROUS USE:-  The intelligent design ensures that it can be used with either hand and can be easily switched between the hands during the surgery.

FUNCTIONALITY:- Accurate curvature of the Scientific Indian Suture tying Forceps and proper alignment of blades designed for easy holding and tying of suture in the narrow surgical plane.

SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP AND QUALITY CONTROL:- This a High-Quality Stainless Steel Instruments made from surgical-grade stainless steel and is handcrafted by highly trained instrument makers. Later the instrument is surface treated to give them the matte finish. It comes with an instruction manual which gives for cleaning, care, and storage of the instruments.

All instruments Conform with the surgical instrument guidelines by IS, EU, and FDA. The instruments are reusable and autoclave safe. These are Safe for cleaning by enzymatic cleaners and ultrasound cleaning.


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