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ESLOC-4 High Potency Multi Enzyme Cleaner

ESLOC-4 High Potency Multi Enzyme Cleaner

Size: 200 ml x 1 pack

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Ensure Safe and Clean Medical and Surgical instruments.

ESLOC-4 High potency multi-enzyme cleans ensure clean and disinfected, effectively and Always.

It's a proprietary Multi Enzyme combination that covers all types of pathological agents. It comes with a detailed user manual to ensure that your staff always uses it correctly. It prolongs the life of instruments by surface and rust protection. It is 100 % organic and free from alcohol or chroine. It comes in an opaque HDPE bottle which ensures a leak proof , long shelf life . It is value for money as it comes as a concentrate and is used in dilution.

  • ENZYME BASED : Cleaning and disinfecting solution.Organic and free from alcohol, chromium and chlorine.
  • ANTI-RUST PROPERTY : Prolong life of instruments: Prevents pitting and surface damage due to chemicals like alcohol.
  • EASY TO USE : No training required to use it effectively.
  • LAST LONG : 200 ml concentrated multi-enzyme solution to be diluted before use.
  • SAFE TO STORE : Comes in white opaque PDPE Double capped bottle for spill Proof Storage.

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