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Phaco Cataract Surgery Instruments Set, Stainless Steel I Scientific Indian

Phaco Cataract Surgery Instruments Set, Stainless Steel I Scientific Indian

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This is Phaco-emulsification cataract surgery instruments comprising of selected high quality stain less steel .The set has a total of 23 instruments which include 2 Speculums, 2 Scissors, 2 Forceps, 7 Instruments for lens and Iris Manipulation, 1 Cannula; ;2 Miscellaneous Instruments, and 7 Instruments for Special Situations.

  • WIDER FUNCTIONALITY : Cataract surgery instrument set is designed to provide flexibility in the choice of surgical procedures which can be attempted with the set. It has all the required instruments for performing Phaco-emulsificaation irrespective of the nucleus handling technique practiced by any surgeon.
  • INTELLIGENT SELECTION :. Instrument sets have complementary instruments which are selected as per the requirement of modern cataract surgery requirement and techniques.Instruments are intelligently selected in the set to ensure that appropriate instrument is available to meet every possible requirement of the surgical procedure. At the same time,repetition of functionally similar instruments and redundant instruments are carefully avoided.
  • LONG TERM UTILITY : All instruments are standardized and catalogued with a valid EAN number for tracking and replacement. .Individual instruments of the set are separately available online , by the parent company, in case of requirement in future.
  • QUALITY CONTROL : All instruments Conform with the surgical instrument guidelines by IS, EU AND FDA.. These are made from High quality stainless steel with superior surface treatment.The instruments are Reusable and autoclave safe.. These are Safe for cleaning by enzymatic cleaners and ultrasound cleaning.

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