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A free, online invoice generator for all businesses!

Whatever be your business, generating an invoice shouldn’t be hard.

Downloading apps is so 2008! Which is why we’ve made this free invoice maker.

Just add your transaction details, fill your business info and download your free PDF invoice, ready to be sent.

Simple as that!

Generate Free GST Invoice Online

Don’t worry about GST calculations anymore.

Enter your business details and our invoice generator will automatically create your free GST invoice online!

Download your free GST invoice and send it to your clients or customers easily.

How does an online invoice generator work?

We understand how difficult it is for you to send invoices to your clients. Either you have to download clunky software or use a free online invoice generator where you have to sign up.

And then you get a watermarked invoice which you can’t send to your client or customer.

Worry not! Dukaan’s free online invoice generator is true to the word. No gimmicks!

Just add in your client/customer’s invoice details and click generate.

You get a custom, free PDF invoice that you can send to your client! Try it.

Benefits of using an online invoice generator.

The time-consuming part of running a business is creating and sharing invoices with clients or customers. Downloading software or scripts. It’s usually a waste of time.

However, with the help of our free invoice generator tool, you can create professional looking invoices in a few seconds. There are numerous benefits of using this tool, some of them are, but not limited to:

  • Generate free PDF invoices online
  • No downloads required
  • No sign up required
  • Generate free invoices unlimited

How can I create a free invoice?

You can create an invoice yourself by using either MS Word or Excel file. Put in the invoice details like customer name, project details etc and adjust formatting so that it looks professional.

Another way is to use templates available online and adjust them as per your business needs.

The best way to create an invoice yourself is to use a free online invoice generator just like this tool.

Our tool gives you a lot more flexibility to customize your invoice.

Who can use this invoice generator?

Whether you’re an established business, start-up, or freelancer, you can use this tool to create free invoices. It’s completely free and you can use this to generate as many invoices as you need.

Is this invoice generator really free?

Yes. This invoice generator is absolutely free. You can create free invoices for your business and send it to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Is the invoice generator customizable?

Yes. This invoice generator is completely customizable. Add your business details and download free custom invoices.

How to make an invoice online?

To make an invoice online, enter your business details, service/product details, and download your invoice free, instantly. Send it to whoever you want afterwards.

Do I have to download software for generating an invoice?

No. Dukaan’s free invoice generator tool is completely online. You don’t need to download any software of any kind to create your own invoice.

Can I generate a GST invoice for free?

Yes. You can make any number of GST invoices free online, using this free invoice generator.

Why is Dukaan offering this free invoice generator tool?

Dukaan is an online eCommerce platform that lets anyone start their online business easily with their own store. We offer plenty of free tools to help them do their business online.

Which is the best online invoice generator?

Dukaan offers the best online invoice generator as you can get completely customized, GST enabled, free PDF invoices online, without downloading any app or signing up with email. It is completely free and blazingly fast, unlike typical invoice generators.

Can I send the invoice to my customers/clients?

Yes. You can generate as many invoices as you like, download them to PDF files and send it to anyone you want via email.

How to download the free invoice?

After giving in your invoice details, like transaction and prices, click the generate invoice button. Once the invoice is generated you can download it by clicking the “Download this invoice” button. You will get a free PDF invoice.

Do the free invoices carry watermarks?

No. Dukaan’s free invoice generator tool is the only one that does not carry any ads or watermarks on the invoices generated. You can send it to your customers and clients in your own name.

What details do you need to create a free invoice?

You need your business details, client/customer business details, your product/service details, pricing, GST or other taxes if applicable and the contact details to generate a free invoice.

How can I send the invoice generated online to my customers/clients?

Download the invoice generated online as PDF and send it to your customers/clients as attachments in email.

Invoices - Everything you need to know

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a document that contains detailed information about the products or services given by the vendor to the buyer (customer). An invoice specifies how much the buyer must pay according to the seller's terms.

What is an Online Invoice? Is it different from a normal invoice?

An online invoice is one that you generate online entirely. It is the same as an offline invoice but differs in the fact that you can send it to anyone via email or other online methods. It is usually shared in PDF format.

What is the purpose of creating an invoice?

An invoice is a business document used primarily for accounting. One may easily monitor and track all payments received from a client using invoices. It helps businesses keep track of all sales transactions between client/customer and seller.

Why do businesses need invoices?

It is highly recommended that businesses maintain invoices so that it fulfils the following needs.

  • Easy way to collect customer payments.
  • To track past and future businesses.
  • To track sales.
  • To retain inventory records.
  • To keep track of tax returns.
  • To document proof of sales.
  • To track pending payments easily.
  • To offer Legal defence from lawsuits.

What is the difference between invoice and receipt?

An invoice is a payment request. A receipt is a proof of payment from the buyer to the supplier. A receipt verifies that the buyer received the goods or services. An invoice is sent first by a seller and once payment is received, a receipt for the payment, given.

What is a proforma invoice?

A proforma invoice is a pre-paid invoice intended to collect payment from a committed buyer before the products or services are delivered. A proforma invoice lists the items, the total payable, and other additional information.

Who can send an invoice?

Any business owner, requesting payment from another party (client or customer) can send an invoice. Use the free online invoice generator like that from Dukaan to create a free invoice online.

What should you do after getting an invoice?

If you get an invoice form someone or a business, make the payment requested to the details provided within the stipulated time period.

Types of invoices generated by free online invoice generators

There are essentially six types of invoices used in business settings. They are listed below and serve various accounting functions.

1. Standard Invoice

The vendor creates a standard invoice for the customer that includes basic information such as invoice date, invoice number, payment due date, vendor address, client address, product or service name, quantity, rate, subtotal, and total.

2. Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice is sent before a product or service is delivered. It’s usually created to agree on payment conditions and products or services are provided on a particular date and time, as agreed in the proforma invoice.

3. Debit Invoice

A debit invoice is sent by a company to increase a client's debt. Small businesses and freelancers can utilise debit invoices to make minor changes to an existing transaction. To give a client a debit invoice for extra hours worked on a project, for example, you could send them an invoice based on your expected hours. Debit invoices are always positive.

4. Service Invoice

Service invoices are generally generated by businesses that do not sell products but offer services. Service firms like digital marketers, lawyers, software developers, and consultants bill clients hourly rather than in bulk and use services invoices to request payment from their clients.

5. Timesheet Invoice

A timesheet invoice is used when a company or employee bills his services based on hours worked and pay rate. Timesheets are usually used by hourly contract employees.

6. Commercial Invoice

This type of invoices are used by export/import companies. Commercial invoices contain significantly more information than normal invoices. It has the same information as a conventional invoice but additionally will contain details such as shipping details, country, place of supply, total shipments to be delivered, package details and other shipping/freight details.

7. Recurring Invoice

Businesses that charge fixed costs to their clients on a weekly or monthly basis, such as apartment rent, bills, subscriptions, or software, issue recurring invoices. Monthly recurring invoices are prepared and sent to the client until the contract or subscription is cancelled. These are the most common types of invoices in the digital economy.

8. Credit Note

A credit note is issued by a company/supplier when the client reports a product as damaged or faulty. Credit notes essentially are the opposite of invoices.

Essential Parts of an Invoice Explained

An invoice should have the following details.

Invoice number

An invoice number is a unique sequential code provided to each invoice so that it can be identified at any time.

Invoice header

The invoice number, issue date, and due date are added in the first section called invoice header in an invoice generator. Create a professional invoice by adding your company or personal logo.

Contact details

Contact details like address, phone number, email id of the person sending the invoice, so that any doubts can be cleared.

Business details

Invoices should contain the business entity details like address, GST registration number, official company name and stamp, owner details etc.

Services offered / Products bought

Invoices should also contain details of the services offered or products sold for which the invoice is being raised.


Invoices should also contact per piece pricing of each item/service being sold/offered.

GST and Other Taxes

Invoice should also contain any included taxes, like GST.

Payment Terms

Invoices should also specify the expected time of payment.


If any discounts are offered, it should reflect in the pricing in an invoice.

Payment Details

Invoices may also contain payment details like bank account number, routing number, IFSC code or PayPal and other payment related details.


Invoices should also contain the stamp or signature of the designed authority who is generating the invoice. In online invoices, this is excluded however.

Terms and Conditions

Include your company's terms and conditions in the invoice so that the paying party is clear and transparent about your rules and regulations.

Additional notes if any

Add any riders, exclusions or special conditions in the notes section of your invoice.

Invoice Numbers - How Free Online Invoice Generators can Help

One of the common mistakes in invoices is quoting the wrong invoice number. This can be fixed by using a sequential format in online invoice generators.

An invoice number is a unique sequential code provided to each invoice.

Invoice numbers are vital to properly documenting income for tax and accounting purposes. They also help track payments and invoices.

Each invoice should have its own invoice number. An invoice is not regarded as a legal document unless it has an invoice number.

The right way of using invoice numbers on online invoices

Invoice numbers are required to identify invoices. Ideally, the invoice numbers should be assigned progressively, increasing in number. A legal invoice number sequence has no duplicates or gaps.

Invoices numbered '1','2','3', etc. might be confusing as they approach double or triple figures. While new firms may not have a large number of invoices to begin with, it is critical to plan for future growth.

💡 Tip: To make an invoice number longer and unique, include the month or year it was issued.

For example, the first invoice in 2021 could be numbered '210001'. '210002', '210003', and so on. The numbers would be refreshed each year. 2022's first billing would be 220001.

This technique allows you to readily identify an invoice's year of issue while maintaining sequential numbering.

Common invoicing mistakes that businesses make

Correcting your mistakes is easy once you know what they are. When it comes to invoicing, here are the most common mistakes that businesses make:

Not issuing an invoice - This one is obvious. Missing invoices can cause a lot of confusion as to how much has to be paid, and you could lose your cash flow.

Missing important information - There are certain details you must enter when issuing an invoice. Missing some (or all) of these details will cause problems.

Mistakes in the invoice - You obviously do not want to make mistakes in your invoice particulars, like amount, quantity, and so forth. Multiple mistakes can cause mistrust between the business and the client.


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