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What is a Terms & Conditions Agreement?
Why my online store needs terms & conditions agreement?
Is your Terms & Conditions template free to use?
How long does it take to generate a Terms & Conditions Agreement?
How to use the Terms & Conditions Generator?

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Terms and Conditions Generator

Who all can use this terms and conditions template?

Our free terms and conditions generator can be used by the following businesses or platform:

  • Small business website
  • Online shop
  • Mobile app
  • Ecommerce/online shop
  • Blog
  • Forum
What should be included in the terms and conditions agreement?

Even if your terms and conditions agreement is not exhaustive, it should include major clauses that’ll cover your business. Below are some important sections that can be used to provide clarity and remove misunderstandings, if necessary:

  • Disclaimer
  • Intellectual Property Clause
  • Corrections
  • Term and terminations
  • Prohibited activities
Is terms and conditions different from privacy policy?

Terms and conditions are an expectation setting agreement between you and your users. It covers and not just limited to, governing fees, content, intellectual property, any limitations of your business, and so on.

On the other hand, a privacy policy is concerned with how the personal data of your users is collected, stored, and used.

Some tips and sugges tions for writing terms and conditions

Given terms and conditions agreement is important for any business, it should be legally sound and easy to understand by the end-user. Below are some tips from us:

  • 1.Do not copy terms and conditions from other websites
  • 2.Keep it simple and easy to understand