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Piyush Shah

A known name in the SEO circle, Piyush Shah has been in this industry for 7+ years. Adept in the domains of social media, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing, he is currently spearheading SEO at Dukaan.

Piyush’s journey into eCommerce is not one without twists and turns. Starting his career with SEO, he would build websites for online businesses to understand how to drive traffic to them. Once well-versed in the skill, he tried his hand at Amazon affiliate marketing and explored its full extent. He was soon pocketing a six-figure income just by earning commission through links.

This was when the eCommerce bug bit him.

Things started picking pace for Piyush when he dipped his toe in dropshipping in 2018. He spent the next year acquiring a deep knowledge of eCommerce by dropshipping Power banks and Bluetooth speakers. This experiment generated him a revenue of 900K USD, all while giving him the opportunity to explore various eCommerce platforms at length.

Since then, both his experience and expertise in the domain have grown rapidly. He has hands-on experience with all major eCommerce platforms and knows the ins and outs of what each platform brings to the table. At this point, he can compare and contrast eCommerce platforms in his sleep.

This proficiency is clearly reflected in his writings that have been featured on reputed websites such as eCommerce CEO, Rank Tracker, Email Audience, Offeo and, apart from Dukaan’s in-house blog.

When he is not working towards bringing heaps of traffic to Dukaan’s blog, he is busy conducting workshops and helping multiple businesses scale up using the power of SEO and marketing, something he is highly passionate about.

A jack of all trades, he believes there’s still a lot left to learn and explore in the ever-evolving world of eCommerce.

Currently, he shares his wealth of knowledge with other entrepreneurs and eCommerce enthusiasts over social media. You can follow him on Twitter & Linkedin.

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