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Mridula Joshi

Mridula previously worked as a B2B writer before she joined Dukaan. Ever since seeing the impact her first article had on her client's business, it has become her passion to guide nascent entrepreneurs to navigate the murky waters of the eCommerce world.

As her passion fuels her professional drive, she spends most of her time exploring different eCommerce sites and their benefits. So much so, that she’ll engage about eCommerce and Saas platforms for hours with anyone who’d hear.

As a result of joining Dukaan's team, her technical knowledge of eCommerce and marketing has grown multifold, along with her interest in writing “how-to” guides for small businesses and amateur entrepreneurs.

When she’s not finding alternatives for popular eCommerce platforms, you’ll find her reading up on the latest developments in the eCommerce industry or reaching out to business owners whose business has skyrocketed since going online.

You can find her articles and case studies on Dukaan’s in-house blogs. You can also reach out to her on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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